ESI Checklist for New Matters

When a new matter lands on your desks that involves ESI (Electronically Stored Information), it can be a little overwhelming making sure you are covering all your bases.  You have a need to both protect and preserve your client’s ESI and also locate and discover the opposing side’s ESI.

In order to make your life a little simpler, I have put together a simple checklist for you to use that will cover the basic points to keep in mind.  This is obviously not a comprehensive guide, but rather a framework from which to develop a strategy specific to your matter.  As always, I highly recommend contacting Peak at the onset of your matter simply to make sure your plan is viable and comprehensive.



STEP 1-Determine your client’s ESI “world”

What potentially relevant ESI does your client have that may be subject to a duty to preserve and where does that ESI exist?


STEP 2-Take adequate steps to preserve

Consider enacting a formal litigation hold notice or a preemptive collection of your client’s potentially relevant ESI.


STEP 3-Determine the opposing party’s ESI “world”

What potentially relevant ESI does the opposing party have that may be subject to a duty to preserve and where does that ESI exist?  Early interrogatories or a Rule 30(b)(6) deposition of an organization may be needed to fully discover the ESI scope.


STEP 4-Notice of duty to preserve

Provide the opposing party with a written notice of their duty to preserve.


STEP 5-Plan for production from the onset

Begin your ESI process with a thought toward how you would like to receive data from the opposing party, and therefore how you will most likely need to provide your ESI to them.


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