Peak Forensics is once again proud to sponsor the State Bar of Arizona annual convention.  This year’s convention will be held in Tucson, and Peak Forensics will be appearing on the convention bags.  Peak Forensics, a leading computer and digital forensics firm, has a long relationship with the AZBar and is proud to continue its support and sponsorship of the annual convention. 

ABOUT Peak Forensics: Peak Forensics is a full service Computer Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Consulting firm in Phoenix, Arizona.  Peak Forensics provides experienced, professional computer forensics services, client centric electronic discovery and seasoned testimonial and trial consulting services.  Peak’s CEO and founder, Jefford Englander, has been actively participating in computer forensics and ESI investigations for 15 years and has a background in local and federal law enforcement and the civil litigation realm.  From ESI collection to forensic analysis, hosted review, reporting and expert testimony, Peak can lead you to focused information.