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Peak Forensics is a highly experienced, client-oriented provider of Computer Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Expert Witness Consulting. Peak is your consultant first and services provider second, ensuring that your needs are best served rather than applying a “one solution for all clients” approach.

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 We are ready to provide expert digital forensics and discovery services in your matter, whether it relates to Labor/Employment disputes, Intellectual Property disputes, Theft of Trade Secrets, Breach of Contracts, Human Resource issues, Medical Malpractice involving Electronically Stored Information, Spoliation or any other matter where finding critical information is valuable. Peak Forensics can assist in matters ranging from a single computer user or a handful of emails to multi- terabyte collections from servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices and ‘cloud’ based storage. We are available to assist you in all phases of your matter, from pre-planning, meet and confer, interrogatories and depositions, data collection, analysis, reporting and testimony.

Using industry standard tools such as X-Ways, Cellebrite, Magnet Axiom, Guidance Software’s EnCase, AccessData’s Forensic Toolkit as well as multiple other analysis, searching, culling and review tools, Peak will provide you with the details you need to formulate an effective strategy. Peak Forensics, LLC is based in Phoenix, Arizona and provides Computer and Mobile Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Expert Witness Consulting services to the Phoenix metropolitan area including Mesa, Glendale, Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tucson, as well as Nevada, California and New Mexico. We are available to respond to any location in the United States for ESI collection or expert testimony


I have worked with Peak Forensics on various business litigation matters over the last few years. Although I have had experience with other providers of forensic services, Peak Forensics is my go-to provider of computer forensic services due to their expertise, experience with a wide variety of issues, attention to detail and responsiveness. I will continue to engage Peak Forensics and rely on their services for future litigation matters.

Monica - Managing Attorney of LIMÓN-WYNN LAW, PLLC

Jefford thoroughly understands the intricacies of computer forensic work but, just as important, is able to collaborate and communicate with our team in a user-friendly manner. He is creative in his approach, rarely offering a cookie-cutter solution, to achieve the best result possible.

Shawn - Managing Shareholder, Phoenix Office of Worldwide Employment Law Firm