Having an expert with tremendous testimonial experience is like having an ace in the hole. Many experts may be technically competent, but if they don’t have vast experience delivering their findings to a court room, jury or arbiter, your precious forensic facts and analysis may be lost or marginalized. Too often, laypeople simply stop listening when deeply technical subjects are discussed in a court room. Eyes glaze over, attention spans shorten and the mind beings to wander. It’s an all too common phenomenon.

Mr. Englander, Principle of Peak Forensics, has extensive experience testifying before federal, state and local courts and juries on matters concerning computer forensics. His style is engaging, professional, and most importantly understandable for judges, juries and others. Being able to convey complex technical concepts to laypeople is a forte of Mr. Englander, and his testimonial record demonstrates this.

With a wealth of testimonial experience, Mr. Englander can assist you in preparing for:

  • Depositions of witnesses
  • Preparing written reports or documents for admission in court
  • Serving as an expert consultant to review the submissions of other experts
  • Providing testimony at a deposition, hearing or trial