2017 State Bar of Arizona Convention

Peak Forensics is pleased to be an official sponsor of the 2017 State Bar of Arizona Convention.  The convention, hosted this year in Tucson, is set to be an exciting and engaging program for all attendees.  Peak Forensics is the official convention bag sponsor, so attendees will see Peak’s logo displayed on all the convention […]

2016’s Most Common Passwords

Do you know someone who’s account was hacked this past year?  Perhaps it was you?  With the sheer number of services notifying users of account compromises, there’s a good chance you or someone you know was hacked this past year.  Poor passwords are often to blame. Cybersecurity firm Keeper is out with their list of […]

Peak Forensics has moved to a new location!

Peak Forensics has moved to a new location.  Please note our new address for your records. We are now located at: 16427 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 410 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 (602) 354-8950 www.peakforensics.com   ABOUT Peak Forensics: Peak Forensics is a full service Computer Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Consulting firm in Phoenix, Arizona.  Peak Forensics provides […]

Cell Phones and Mobile Device ESI Collection

The days of limiting an ESI collection to computers, email and server data are long behind us in the world of computer forensics and e-discovery.  Chances are very good that you have a cell phone, a tablet or both within six feet of you right now.  Most of us use these mobile devices for the […]

Social Media Account Collection

We all know one.  One person who posts every mundane event in his or her life in excruciating detail on Facebook or Instagram.  Don’t we all need to see 32 pictures of someone washing his dog?  Or 23 pictures and explanations of baking some cookies?  Perhaps they live tweet their root canal procedure on Twitter?  […]

Reflections On The OPM Data Breach

As I sit here reading my data breach notice from the United States Office of Personnel Management regarding their loss of my personal information (name, DOB, SS#), I can’t help but be angry.  Yes the OPM had a legitimate need for my data.  In 2005. I have not had a government security clearance since leaving […]

The Ponzi Scheme meets Bitcoin

White collar crime and the Ponzi scheme have certainly made their move into the 21st century. Recently, Engadget (www.engadget.com) featured an article about the use of the electronic currency Bitcoin in a Ponzi scheme. We all knew it would happen, but it’s interesting to see the way criminal activity follows the cutting edge of technology. […]

Classic Software Tools

As I sit each day gazing into multiple computer monitors, working on various computer forensics or ediscovery projects, it occurs to me that, despite having lots of advanced forensic software and powerful data indexing tools, I regularly find myself reaching for a few small pieces of software that I have been using for so long […]

Computer Forensics – One for the “win” column (v1)

Recently, Peak was asked to assist a law firm who’s client, a large service provider (we will call them “Company A”), had had an account manager leave abruptly and go to work for a competitor. Account managers at this service provider develop deep relationships with the customers they service, and compile account and customer data […]